Restaurant Cleaning 101: Hire a Hood Cleaner

Every restaurant owner knows that cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of running a highly-rated restaurant. Health inspectors never go easy on you, so you have to keep everything as clean as possible whenever you can. A sparkling fresh restaurant leads to the coveted “A” health grade that causes customers to flood through your door.

From the dining area to the kitchen, cleanliness is key. In the dining area, clear plates and drinks when customers are done, and make sure an employee is walking around sweeping and picking things up off the floor during any lulls in patronage.

The kitchen is the most important area to keep clean. Leaving a mess can cause a fire or a serious health code violation. Most kitchens contain grills, fryers, ovens, microwaves, and a number of other cooking elements that require heat. All of these need to be scrubbed and rinsed at the end of the night, every day of the week. As cooking oils burn, vapors travel through the air and land on everything. This greasy residue creates a sticky mess that’s not only disgusting, but also flammable.

The easiest way to ensure the place stays clean without having to pay your employees overtime is to simply hire a local hood cleaning company. Hood cleaners are trained and certified to use sanitizing agents to wash down all your restaurant equipment and ensure they’re sparkling and ready to go for the use again. Most restaurants use hood cleaning companies on a quarterly basis, but if you can afford it, have them come in weekly.

During the week, employees can use a simple method of washing and scrubbing, which will remove most of the dirt and grime. Then, every other weekly or once a month, you should hire a commercial cleaning company to come in an sanitize the kitchen exhaust, the vent hood, and all of the heating elements. Queens Hood Cleaning Pros has a great explanation about the importance of cleaning. Visit their site to learn more about why sanitizing is so crucial to a restaurant’s survival.