Reasons to Do Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is a necessary thing for restaurants to do in order to keep their employees and patrons safe. There are many reasons why exhaust cleaners should be hired to sanitize the filters and exhaust vents at least monthly.

Most restaurants see a huge influx of customers throughout the day. Hundreds of people come in and order all different kinds of dishes, much of which is grilled or fried. When food is cooked on the grill or with a fryer, greasy fumes enter the air. While this may seem harmless, the fumes carry small bits of grease and oils and latch onto any surfaces nearby. The kitchen hood exhaust vent is typically setup directly over the cooking area to draw out the smoke and fumes to keep the air safe in the room. However, this leads to heavy accumulation of flammable grease residue on the exhaust vent. One spark could start a huge fire. The kitchen exhaust hood cleaners at recommend cleaning the exhaust vent monthly to prevent fires, improve air quality, and ensure the safety of staff and restaurant patrons. Grease fires are much more difficult to put out which is why restaurants are required to have Class B extinguishers available at all times. According to FEMA, between 2011 and 2013, there were 5,600 restaurant fires reported to fire departments. That lead to over $100 million in property damage and killed 5 people.

  1. Safety – Keep people safe by preventing fires.
  2. Air Quality – Maintain the air quality of the building by ensuring exhaust vents are working correctly.
  3. Lower Insurance Rate – Restaurants that use recurring hood cleaning services to clean their exhaust vents pay lower insurance rates because it decreases risk.