When you’re going to be selling cakes to customers, or any food for that matter, your shop needs to be in top shape. Everything needs to be as close to perfect as possible. The inspector should have paid you a visit to give you your rating, which we always hope comes out as an “A”. Here are the things you need to pay attention to if you want a top score:

  1. Paperwork is in order. That means that you need to have all of your licenses and documentation on hand and ready for review any time an inspector steps in the building.
  2. The bakery is clean. When your shop is a mess it not only puts out a bad vibe for the customers, but it endangers them as well. Dirty bakeries are a breeding ground for sickness. Make sure to wipe down all hood and baking equipment and to use disinfectants and powerful cleaners to ensure a sparkling shine.
  3. There are no pests. Rodents running around your kitchen as a huge red flag. Find a pest control service as soon as possible to remove the mice, rats, termites, and more so you don’t get a fine or your license revoked. A quality exterminator is a necessity.
  4. The employees are capable. Many people experience labor shortages and simply hire whomever they can find, thinking “Ah, well just train em. No big deal.” Yes, it is a big deal. Choose only those people with experience in the food industry. The less training you have to do, the better the customer experience will be from the start.

The food establishment guidelines set forth by the government are meant to safeguard consumers, but that includes you. Follow them closely and you’ll never have a problem you can’t solve.