8 Most Popular Cupcake Flavors in America

Cupcakes are a favorite pastry, and no matter what flavor is available, it’s hard to turn one down. There are hundreds of flavors for cakes, but of course, everyone has a favorite.

Here’s a list of the eight most popular cupcake flavors in America.

  • Vanilla

What may come as a surprise for many, vanilla is a favorite flavor, despite its reputation as a plain-Jane flavor.

While many think of vanilla as boring, many find its subtle sweetness comforting as a familiar flavor.

Vanilla can also have a complex profile, sometimes soft and mellow, and at times,     rich and decadent. It also makes a perfect complement to many other flavors for a delicious treat.

  • Red Velvet

It’s hard to say no to red velvet, which is why this indulgent flavor is perfect for a cupcake. The portioned size of a cupcake makes it easy to enjoy this delicious flavor without going overboard.

Additionally, there is something to be said about the cream cheese frosting atop a well-made red velvet cake.

  • Peanut Butter

Peanut butter, much like vanilla, is a flavor that can hold its own or pair well with another flavor like chocolate.

Peanut butter cupcakes are super tasty and satisfying, especially if the cake in question has a surprise peanut butter filling on the inside.

This flavor is a fun alternative to traditional cupcake flavors if someone is looking for a change of pace.

  • Chocolate

A list like this one wouldn’t be complete without chocolate. As timeless as vanilla, this flavor can be done a dozen different ways–double chocolate, chocolate chip, you name it.

The versatility of chocolate also makes it a tasty choice for cupcake lovers. It pairs well with just about every other flavor out there, but still holds its own as a     tried-and-true classic.

  • Carrot

Carrot cupcakes might not be the first choice for many, but it remains a favorite among Americans.

The cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of nuts on top add complexity to this treat that will delight and surprise from the first bite.

  • Funfetti

Of all the flavors on this list, funfetti may be the one that brings the most joy.     There’s something about a white cake dotted with sprinkles that makes one feel like a kid again.